First Year

Semester I and II

Principles of Economics I,II

Robin Bade, Michael Parkin, “Foundations of Economics, 7th Edition”, Global Edition, Pearson  with MyEconlab Code

Mathematics for Economists I , II

Ernest F. Haeussler, Richard S. Paul, Richard J. Wood, “Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences”, 13th Edition, Global Edition, Pearson with MyLab Code


Second Year

Semester III and IV




Robert Pindyck, Daniel Rubinfeld, “Microeconomics”,  8th Edition, Global Edition, Pearson with MyEconlab




Olivier Blanchard, David H. Johnson, “Macroeconomics”, 6th Edition, Global Edition, Pearson with MyEconlab

Statistics for Economists I,II

Paul Newbold, William Carlson, Betty Thorne, “Statistics for Business and Economics”, 8th Edition, Global Edition, Pearson with MyEconlab

Third Year

Semester V and VI

International Economics I,II

Paul R. Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld, Marc Melitz, “International Economics: Theory and Policy”, 10th Edition, Global Edition, Pearson with MyEconlab

Public Finance


Econometrics I,II

Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, “Introduction to Econometrics”, Cengage Learning EMEA; EMEA ed edition.

Financial Markets


Fourth Year

Semester VII and VIII

Money and Banking I,II

Frederic S. Mishkin,  “Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets”, 10th Edition, Global Edition, Pearson with MyEconlab







Third Year

Semester V

Principles of Islamic Economics


States, Markets and Global Capitalism

Ben Clift (2014), “Comparative Political Economy: States, Markets and Global Capitalism”, Palgrave Macmillan,

History of Financial Crisis

Robert Z. Aliber and Charles P. Kindleberger (2015), “Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises”, 7th Edition

Competition Law and Policy




Third Year

Semester VI

Principles of Islamic Finance


Introduction to Marketing


Economics of Innovation and Technological Change

Cristiano Antonelli (2007), “The Economics of Innovation, New Technologies and Structural Change”, Routledge, Taylor&Francis Group

Corporate Law


Principles of Financial Management

Lawrence J. Gitman  (2015), Principles of Managerial Finance, Brief”, Pearson 7th Edition


Raymond Brooks (2016), “Financial Management: Core Concepts”, Pearson 3rd Edition



Fourth Year

Semester VII

Game Theory

Joel Watson (2013), “Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory”, 3rd Ed., W. W. Norton & Company Ltd.


Geckil, Ilhan K.  and Anderson, Patrick L. (2009), “Applied Game Theory and Strategic Behavior”.,1st Ed. , CRC Press

Business Forecasting

John E. Hanke and Dean Wichern (2014), “Business Forecasting”, 9th. Ed., Pearson.


J. Holton Wilson, Barry P. Keating, Mary Beal (2015), “Regression Analysis: Understanding and Building Business and Economic Models Using Excel”, BEP

Mathematics of Finance and Valuation

Scott B. Smart, Lawrence J. Gitman and Michael D. Joehnk (2017), “Fundamentals of Investing” 13th.Ed.,Pearson


Raymond Brooks (2016), “Financial Management: Core Concepts”, Pearson: 3rd Edition.

Natural Resource Economics and Policy

Tom Tietenberg, Lynne Lewis (2010),

“Environmental Economics & Policy”, 6th Edition, Pearson

Applied Macroeconomics

Badi H. Baltagi (2013), “Econometric Analysis of Panel Data”, 5th Edition, Wiley

Sean Becketti (2013), “ Introduction to Time Series Using Stata”, Stata Press

Turkish Economy




Fourth Year

Semester VIII

Behavioral Economics

Erik Anger (2016), “A Course in Behavioral Economics”, 2nd Ed., Palgrave

Daniel Kahneman (2011), “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Penguin

Financial Econometrics

Simona Boffelli and Giovanni Urga (2017), “Financial Econometrics Using Stata”, Stata-Press.

Portfolio Management

Reilly, F. K., & Brown, K. C. (2012), “Investment analysis and portfolio management” 10th ed., Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.


Raymond Brooks (2016), “Financial Management: Core Concepts”, Pearson: 3rd Edition.

The Economics of the European Union

Neal Larry (2007), “The Economics of Europe and the European Union”, Cambridge University Press


Mike Artis and Frederick Nixson (2007), “The Economics of the European Union: Policy and Analysis”, 4th Ed,. Oxford Univ Press

Labor Economics

McConnell, Brue and MacPherson (2016), “Contemporary Labor Economics” 11th Edition


Industrial Organization

J. Church and R. Ware (2000), “Industrial Organization: A Strategic Approach”, Irwin McGraw-Hill, 2000.



For those wishing to gain further insight into what economists study, we suggest looking at one or more of the following popular books or movies:


  • Dan Ariely, “Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions”
  • John Charles ve Ross M. Laro, “The Instant Economist: All The Basic Principles Of Economics In 100 Pages Of Plain Talk”
  • Ha-Joon Chang , “Economics: The User's Guide”
  • Robert H. Frank, “The Economic Naturalist: Why Economics Explains Almost Everything”
  • Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski, “Soccernomics”
  • Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt, “Freakonomics”
  • Tim Harford, “The Logic Of Life: Uncovering the New Economics of Everything”
  • Tim Harford, “The Undercover Economist”


  • A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe, 2001
  • Margin Call, Kevin Spacey, 2011
  • Moneyball, Brad Pitt, 2011
  • The Big Short, Charles Randolph, 2015
  • The Pursuit of Happiness, Will Smith, 2006
  • Too Big to Fail, William Hurt, 2011
  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleep, Michael Douglas, 2011