Roundtable on Developing an Islamic Economics and Finance Curriculum

29 May University hosted a roundtable on developing an Islamic Economics and Finance (IEF) curriculum at undergraduate level on 11 February 2018, organised jointly by IIIT-UK and Mahya Publication. The prominent scholars from various disciplines participated in the roundtable discussion. Hakan Aslan from Sakarya University shared their experience in developing the curriculum for undergraduate IEF program at Sakarya University. In the second session, Hafsa Orhan from Istanbul Zaim University presented their experience with the existing undergraduate programs in IEF and her suggestions in terms of enhancing such programs. In the third and last session, Mehmet Asutay from Durham University delivered a presentation in the importance of a research-led curriculum design and crucial points in developing a curriculum.

As outcome of the meeting, the importance of teaching of methodology and critical thinking skills is emphasised. Furthermore, the eclectic nature of curriculum designs is debated since such an approach may not produce the expected outcome in terms of a coherent foundation for the students. Also, inadequacy of the skilled academician in this field is mentioned.

Post Views: 148 Date Posted: 16 March 2018